The current project is a collaboration among University of Michigan, Northeastern University, University of Washington, and
  • University of Michigan
    • Prof. Z. Morley Mao
    • Junxian Huang
    • Shuheng Huang
    • Sanae Rosen
    • Ashkan Nikravesh
    • Hongyi Yao
  • Northeastern University
    • Prof. David Choffnes
  • University of Washington
    • Seungyeop Han
  • M-Lab
    • Matt Welsh
    • Dominic Hamon
    • Tiziana Refice
    • Meredith Whittaker
Past collaborators:
  • Dr. Ming Zhang and Dr. Victor Bahl from Microsoft Research. 
The project was supported in part by the National Science Foundation (under award CNS-1059372). 

We acknowledge the measurement methodology and the idea of conducting similar measurements from the Netalyzr project

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