Welcome to MobiPerf

MobiPerf is an open source application for measuring network performance on mobile platforms. You can measure your network's throughput and latency, as well as other useful network metrics. MobiPerf also performs measurements at regular intervals in the background. 

The data is collected either anonymously or from your selected account, which allows you to see your own data. The user credentials collected are not shared outside of this site, and any data used in research projects in universities are anonymized before use.

How can I install MobiPerf?

You can install MobiPerf for Android from Google Play here

Can I download MobiPerf source code?

Yes. MobiPerf is an open source project and the source repository is here. You can use the source code under the corresponding license. In addition, you may also help MobiPerf by making pull requests to our repository.

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Can I view my previous measurement results?

For non-anonymous users, yes. You can view the previous measurement results here with the same account you use in MobiPerf.

However, if you are an anonymous user, you can not view the previous measurement results, by definition of "anonymous".

NEW! Performance data in aggregate can be viewed here.  Currently shows the data collected in the past 48 hours. Zoom into the map to see data at the country, city or cell tower granularity.

What does MobiPerf measure?

MobiPerf takes comprehensive measurements of your smartphone's network properties, such as HTTP benchmark downloading latency (ms) and bandwidth (kbps), traceroute with latency (ms) to different hops, ping latency (ms), DNS lookup latency (ms), TCP uplink and downlink throughput (Kbps/Mbps), and IPv4/IPv6 compatibility etc.  We now also measure data related to RRC states - you can read more on the New Features page.

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